New Doors To A Brighter Future

On 19th March 2019, marks a joyous celebration to an official opening of a new campus 2, marking a significant milestone in the school’s mission to provide quality holistic education.His eminence the Deputy British High Commissioner cut the ribbon to its brand-new campus 2 in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Mr David Thomas officially launched our new premises to a thunderous applause from the crowd of students, parents, staff and honoured guests. Since opening in 2011 as a private extension of St. John’s Institution, SJIS has grown from a handful of students and staff to over 600 pupils and 90 employees today. Thanks to our LaSalle heritage, we are proud to provide an exceptional holistic education, placing emphasis on extra-curricular activities as much as academics, preparing our pupils for success in and out of the classroom.

New Doors To A Brighter Future 2

Campus 2 is for the Upper Secondary and Pre- University students, which is fully fitted with fantastic modern facilities such as the science laboratories, computer laboratories, a fully equipped language learning centre, a library, a prefect’s room and even an outdoor garden café. Our Campus 2 offers the IGCSE and A Level programmes, featuring the Cambridge International Examination series and the hard work of staff and students continues to pay off this year by them securing 98% IGCSE and a whopping 100% for A- Level Examination. In 2018 for the October/November IGCSE exam series, 41% of SJIS students secured A* and A grades. Henceforth, a moment of pride when SJIS was awarded a national recognition Cambridge Excellence for Malay language and International recognition for SINGA Mathematics competition.

Over the years, our students have achieved regional, national and international honours in a range of academic and athletic disciplines such as Kickboxing championship, national swimmers, cheerleading and gymnastics. Our most cherished moment was when our students won the Commonwealth Games 2018 triathlete. With an ever-growing, set of students looking forward to life and lessons in Campus 2, the future is indeed very bright for SJIS family.

avathar SJIS Bot