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SJIS Champions at the Cheer Factor 2017 Cheerleading Competition

12nov17 Cheerleading Win Nov 2017

BRAVO to SJIS Team Royals for the winnings yesterday at the Cheer Factor 2017 Cheerleading Competition. Over 20 schools in the Klang Valley had participated in it. SJIS had triumphed over all in various categories. WELL DONE!

We are happy to announce that we are the winners for the following:
1) Champion (The Royals) Team Cheer Level 2 Restricted High school Co-ed CGS lower secondary level 2
2) 1st runner up (Royals wannabe) 3) Champion (royals Revolution) AGGS secondary level 2
3) 2nd runner up (Royals regal) and 4) 1st runner up (D starz Lunar) Champion (Moon Bears)

KUDOS to the SJIS Cheerleading Team Roy-als members, the committed coaches; Coach Chiaki Chong and Coach Kylie from Aspirations Coach. and the advisors, Mr. Syahbandi and Ms. Mehala Mohan. SJIS is where discerning parents send their children to for a holistic education. SMART CHOICE, BRIGHT FUTURE