Small Actions x Lots of People = Big Change @SJIS Carnival

‘Freshly baked brownies for only RM5!’
‘Come one, come all; the Haunted House awaits us!’
‘Sir, buy this spicy ramen for only RM4 and get a free drink!’

These were some of the strategic and ideal persuasive lines heard by almost everyone who set foot in St. John’s International School, Campus 1, on 28th September 2019. The grand event was none other than the annual SJIS Carnival. The crowd thronged in massively, as everyone wanted their share of fun at the carnival.

With the trademark “All The Fun At The Fair to Show Your Care”, this year’s carnival made room for 49 booths. These booths were bagged fast by our young entrepreneurs and external parties, who all wanted to join the contribution. All around, one pleased their eyes with the colourful array of food and drinks such as homemade pasta, the ever-popular ‘nasi lemak’, brownies, ‘lightbulb’ drinks, fresh juices and cotton candy drinks! Not only that, there were several games and activities, like ‘The Spicy Ramen Challenge’, ‘Congkak Pong’, Nerf Guns, Dunk Tank and Escape Room. The external counters sold clothes, handmade bracelets, cakes and pastries, and more. One by one, visitors made it a point to stop by every booth on each level, to show their full support.

Small Actions X Lots Of People Big Change @sjis Carnival

The main, terrifying attraction was of course SJIS’ very own haunted house. With this year’s theme being ‘The Trail of Fear’, it certainly caught everyone’s attention with its ghastly inhabitants – the ghosts and demons! Adults and kids were scared out of their wits as they took timid and bloody steps on a pretty gruesome trail, only to be surprised by some occupants.

Small Actions X Lots Of People Big Change @sjis Carnival 2
Small Actions X Lots Of People Big Change @sjis Carnival 3

The SJIS Carnival was indeed an admirable success, whereby a notable profit was gained from the sales. In comparison to 2018, with only 30 booths occupied and coupon sales reaching RM 15,000, the total profit this year from the sales of booths and coupons was RM 30,620. With an additional sponsorship of RM 500 from The Rotary Club, Metro KL, the total profit touched RM 31,120 – a remarkable increase from last year. 20% from the sales conducted in each booth will be directed to charity organisations.

Besides giving students the chance to contribute to the needy, it was also the perfect platform for them to show off their entrepreneurial skills and be convincing with their sales. It was definitely a sight to admire and remember.

Small Actions X Lots Of People Big Change @sjis Carnival 5
Small Actions X Lots Of People Big Change @sjis Carnival 4

The Interactors certainly outdid themselves this year, with their creativity, teamwork and perseverance. A huge appreciation goes out to the organisers, especially SJIS’ very own Interact Club, for making this school carnival an unforgettable moment.

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