Talent wins games

Over the weekend of the 30th-31st March, the Year 11 prefects of St. John’s International School organised a Leadership Camp with their junior prefects. The 2-day camp included an overnight stay at the school, with the new batch of prefects enjoying fun, free-spirited activities with their seniors in the name of team-building and bonding. 57 prefects (accompanied by three teachers) took part in the camp, designed to improve collaboration and communication between the junior and senior prefects, as well as inspiring leadership qualities.

Led by Nicholas Patrick Boudville, the senior prefects put on two days of activities with great care and coordination. On the first morning, Nicholas welcomed the prefects to the camp with a briefing after registration. Teamwork and leadership qualities were soon put to the test with a session of team-building sessions and outdoor games. Day 1 ended with several rounds of ‘Mafia’ – a game that focuses on alertness and problem-solving skills.

Talent Wins Games

The following morning saw the students exploring the Bukit Nanas trail, embracing nature and enjoying each other’s company. Leadership sessions followed, along with a game of ‘Treasure Hunt’ to further sharpen problem-solving skills, testing minds and teamwork, with the students split into different teams than the previous day. After a game of ‘Captain Ball’, the students were dismissed.

Talent Wins Games 2

Over the weekend, the students learnt several valuable lessons about leadership and teamwork; being a good role model, accepting others without judgement, and the importance of motivating and inspiring others. Teamwork and communication skills were also developed through various games and activities. Every individual involved contributed admirably to the camp and can be proud of their commitment and dedication. We look forward to the next one immensely!

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington

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