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The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition 1

The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition

The Beaver Computational Thinking Competition is an online competition organised to raise interest in computer science concepts and logical problem solving among students. This competition was held on 17th April 2019, Wednesday, in SJIS Campus 1 ICT Lab.

“Beaver” has been selected as the mascot due to its industriousness and natural engineering capabilities. The Beaver Computational Thinking in Malaysia is organised by Beaver Informatics Malaysia Secretariat and supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDeC), an agency under the Ministry of Communications an Multimedia Malaysia.

We are proud to announce that our SJIS students have secured 3 Silver medals and 10 Honourable Mention in the above-mentioned competition.

Listed below are the names of our outstanding students :

Silver Medal Achiever:

  • Chew Hao Shern
  • Damien Yap Zhi Khuen
  • Wayan Wong Jian Wei

Honorable Mention Achiever:

  • Javier Yap Juan Wei
  • Mun Wei Beng
  • N R Selva Sheren
  • Russell Low
  • Chai Tse Wei
  • Ethan Ng Jia Le
  • Kaitlyn Ng Mu Jan
  • Kan Yi Hoong
  • Soo Jun Xiong
  • Wong Ji Chuan

Congratulations to all the winners. Our Johannians have once again made us proud!