“Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky” -Kahlil Gebran-

Trees Are Poems That Earth Writes Upon The Sky

On 6th September 2019, there was a tree-planting event organised by EcoKnights, Vanke Company, and Kuala Forestry Department with the participation from the students of SJIS Nature and Interact Club which took place at Eco-rimba Bukit Nanas. This event was also participated by the Rotarians from Rotary Club Metro KL. A total of seven students along with four teachers were involved in this event. The objective of this event is to motivate and raise the awareness of the younger generation on the importance of planting more trees and protecting the environment.

The event started at 2.45pm with a briefing session conducted by Mr Amirul from EcoKnights. This was followed by a demonstration on tree planting methods by Ms QiQi, who was also from EcoKnights
The students helped in planting twenty trees around the forest of Bukit Nanas. The students also participated in the tree-tagging, which was done in order to identify the different species of tropical fruit trees that are endemic to Malaysian forest.

The session ended around 4.30pm, and the students along with the teachers were served light refreshments. Photo session and souvenirs were conducted by Vanke at the end of the session. This event was truly an eye opening experience to the students. Kudos to Nature and Interact clubs for organising the event!

Trees Are Poems That Earth Writes Upon The Sky 2
Trees Are Poems That Earth Writes Upon The Sky 3
avathar SJIS Bot